AES Project Portal
The purpose of this site is to catalog AES Projects and to put them on a map. It also stores project IDs, documents and descriptions of the projects. This site is mobile device friendly and the pages will automatically adjust to fit the size of the user's screen.
Artisan Bakeries
Site shows all bakeries in the region on a map and allows users to submit a survey with information about their bakery.
DEMO: WMS, Openlayers and jQuery (North Toe Map)
This is a web map showing the use of the open source OpenLayers mapping platform to display WMS layers and jQuery widgets for interaction.
Friends of Connect Buncombe
Geocode addresses by batch from file or manually import single addresses.
New Belgium Brewery Site (Online Map)
Map showing the area of the New Belgium Brewery. The map also has a parcel and floodplain layers and the ability to query map features.
Spruce-fir Project Management
Warren Wilson Stream and Bank Mitigation (Online Map)
WMS Connection Strings
URLs that can be used to consume WMS map layers into a desktop GIS such as ArcMap. To do this, copy the link for one the following projects and use the URL in Add Data>GIS Servers>WMS . . .