December 8


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Turkey Whole Wheat Sandwich

food for thought and action

FEAST is a hands-on group cooking experience using fresh seasonal local ingredients with a focus on childhood and family nutrition. We cook and eat food that is Fresh, Easy, Affordable, Sustainable and Tasty.  These cooking classes are brought into schools and after school programs.

Please come join our vibrant group of volunteers and get involved in your community! Please ask me if you have any questions.

Dear Bakery Customers,

December is its usual wacky self again this year! Starting out snowy and icy, our temperature rose up into the mid 70's this past week which had some of us in shorts and flip flops again. This weekend we were back in our winter jackets!

So much of baking depends on the barometric pressure! Ray's local weather report is great!

With the thermometer all over the place we struggled to bake on Friday. Our yeast breads were rising too quickly. We had a mad scramble to get the whole wheat breads into the oven before over proofing. We were  frantic for a while-- but we did it.

Mr. Fatty Pants is looking smug after stealing some seeds from the bird feeder in front of the bakery window. They are back- those rambunctious rodents who perform the most stunning of stunts outside our bakeshop window....think of it as squirrel tv!

December Schedule

  • Let me know if I can help you with your holiday gatherings, business parties, special meals for family and friends- sweet or savory, we can bake it!
  • Christmas Orders: Get your Christmas-specific orders in by Tuesday the 15thIf you need to pick up after Friday 20th, specify Monday or Tuesday (the 23rd and 24th) and time in the order comment section.
  • Most of our bake shop items freeze very well. Except for the fruit pies everything keeps well when double wrapped and frozen. Defrosted over night or at room temperature and refreshed in the oven, they are great.
  • We will not be baking for Friday the 27th. I will send out a blog on Sunday, the 29th for the following Friday, Jan 3rd.


Bakery Gifts

The Montford Walk-In Bakery products makes great gifts for teacher, employee, friend or hostess. We can provide a festive bag and add a ribbon for gift giving- please let us know. Perhaps a gift certificate might be a good choice.


Cameo and Gold Rush apples being prepared for your Apple-Pear Mince Pie. Thanks Dave for the Cameo apples (and the nifty apple peeler that makes the peeling, coring and cutting a snap)!

Order form for this week

December Holiday Menu


Breakfast & Beyond

  • NEW   Panettone   $14   Italian holiday sweet bread (like brioche)- rich eggy bread with butter and milk plus lots of dried fruit
  • NEW   MWIB Fruitcake   $10 each   a lively bourbon-soaked fruit combo & nuts fill this is not-your-average fruitcake ( we make our own candied orange rind)...baked in a gift giving container
  • NEW   Multi-Grain Scones   $8/6   prompted by a customer to try this recipe we decided this was a good time to bake these fiber-full scones (+ oatmeal, millet, extra wheat bran)....a lightly sweetened scone with lemon glaze on top
  • Croissants   $2.50 each or $10/5   freshly ground buckwheat is added into this butter and yeast leavened dough....these rich pastries are best the day they are baked but can be crisped in the oven the next day or two for good results
  • Almond Croissants   $3 each or $15/6   the same as the above croissants with a bakery made almond filling
  • Maple Fruit and Nut Granola   $7/20 oz. bag   a cup of yogurt topped with 1/4 cup of granola on top makes an ideal breakfast....this remains our daily breakfast and sometimes snack


  • Oatmeal Bread   $5/sandwich loaf
  • Whole Wheat Multi-Grain   $6/sandwich loaf
  • Sourdough Seed Rye   $7/boule or batard   naturally leavened with our rye sourdough starter and filled with sesame, flax and sunflower seeds
  • Pizza Dough To-Go   $6/2 lb. bag   this dough is good for weekend use and/or to freeze for another time


  • NEW  Dee's Molasses Cookies   $8/bag of cookies   Susannah's childhood favorite cookie her mom used to make- a chewy molasses spice cookie with yellow raisins
  • Gingerbread or Sugar Cookies  $7/bag   a variety of seasonal shapes to decorate yourself!
  • Decorated Snowflake Cookies   $9/bag of assorted sizes- gingerbread or sugar cookies

Tarts and Pies

  • Apple-Pear Mince Tarts  small   $4/ each   
  • Pies   $30   9-inch (serves 8-10) baked in a returnable glass Pyrex dish
  • Apple & Pear Mince Pie   fresh & dried fruit with orange and spices
  • Apple Pie   Ginger Gold and Cameo apples make a delicious fruit pie with a splash of apple brandy and lots of cinnamon spice


  • Chocolate Torte    $40   (feeds 20+) this gluten free torte is rich with eggs, almonds, butter and dark chocolate (or semi-sweet) & sprinkled with powdered sugar....a chocolate divinity that feeds many keeps well (eat some and freeze the rest)

Blustery winter day. Wood for the oven.

Order form for this week

The Details

  • Please check out the menu, then click on the order form link above. There is a space for special orders if you do not see what you would like and we will try to accommodate you.
  • DEADLINE for the orders will be Tuesday evening- contact me for other needs.
  • Pick-up on Friday from 4-6pm (or specify time)

Have a nice week!



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Jennifer, contemplating this weeks email.

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